Monday, September 12, 2016

Definition of "Religion!"

This was my status update on facebook yesterday and obviously to do justice to this blog of mine, posting my random thought here :)

Religion is a contest between microphones🏆🎤,a contest between various groups who want to prove their passion towards God by being the loudest possible in their voice or their acts.As the passion boils up, in the end it is always a ruckus of voices ! May God save him from himself ! 

Religion is a road show which doesn't end till the last breath of life. It is a constant effort of giving yourself an identity which makes you feel you are a part of something. Religion goes with you where ever you go. You are identified with it and some times "only with it " whether you wish for it or not ! The physics of religion is like below. It follows the 3 laws of energy with slight deviations 😊

1.) "Religion can be created but can never be destroyed."
2.) "Religion can be transformed from one form to another."
3.)"Total amount of religion embedded in universe is never constant. It varies based on the evolving categories and catalysts used on it." 👏😝

This is a quote I love and live- "I have got nothing against God(s), it is his Fan club , I cannot stand !"