Friday, December 15, 2017

Hollowness of the World!

"It is so strange, the hollowness of the world.

It thinks it is full, but it is shallow and sold!

Brims with plethora of feelings and expresses everywhere, everything.

Still sits and broods in a shell able to comprehend nothing!!"

It is so so strange, the hollowness of this world...
Note: This is what happens when I work late nights. The poet in me wakes up  If you can read and understand these lines - a big hyfive, if you cannot - Your bad 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Beware of Grouches ...

*Long Post Alert*

It takes a lot to appreciate. To appreciate truly one should have a real impartial outlook, not influenced by external factors. It is easy-peasy to pull a person down and show his efforts in dim light. All you need to do is keep your esteem lower and lower and team up with grouches similar to you and revel in the aspect of pulling the Singleton down! A person who really is positive and wants to appreciate notices the right & highlights it undermining the wrong. A person who really is a pessimist jerk never misses an opportunity to pull u down . Some sample conversation snippets where a grouch can pull u down!

1.) I am a new mom
Reply : oh that’s why you bloated . You were thin last year ? in the repeat mode 

2.) I finally managed to finish so and so task in this this way
Reply : that’s the crappiest way. Follow my way. It is tested in labs and experimented on Guinea pigs. It always works

3.) I simply feel happy today
Grouch thinking hard Let me come up with a new way to pull u down.

I always believe stress reflects a person's vulnerable side which at times is the most real side . When in stress and even otherwise never be around grouches because Grouches pull u down and try feeding on the happy soul in U. Beware of Grouches ! They are every where ...

Monday, September 25, 2017

Archiving FB status update - Random Musings

Logic and emotion are inseparable friends but they don't make a great team. Either of them should take the lead to solve a situation. Emotion in some form like an ambition or a passion, has the power to make u think logical but logic rarely wins when it competes with a strong emotion ! Emotion can act as a driving force to Logic and stay with it but Logic if takes the lead , emotion dies! Logic needs a template, a profit / loss calculation, and proof but emotions need to be felt and have no hard and fast rule.! Thank god we still have emotions around us.If the whole world functioned on logic, it would have been destroyed long before we were born!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Random Musings

In this revolutionary digital era, humans have started to live like bots or software tools with power up and shutdown buttons, with listed features, customizations and with trial versions and licenses. Once the trial version expires, the license mostly may not be renewed, the way it is with many other tools. Even if a renewal involving finances (read communication , expression and emotion here) is needed, always a short cut is applied (like knowing about a person via Facebook status or other online activities  ) so that the least involvement becomes possible.

The trial version expired- do you want to Renew ? Yes or No.
You no longer want to receive any notifications - Unsubscribe here - (with no option to enter a reason is a bonus) have become our popular relationship goals & choices 
keep up humanoids. "The Matrix" is yours to rule
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Random Thoughts

It is funny when you make a conversation in the head but in real all you can do is just bear a stretch of silence.😷

It is funny when all you plan is just silence but end up conversing all random things for hours !🤓

It is funny how what you speak is mostly never understood but only heard, with some vague responses in return. 🙄

It is funny how you feverishly wait for your chance to talk by playing deaf when the other person is speaking!🤔😖

It is funny how, communication is the Homo sapiens' biggest gift which makes it a unique species but ironically all the other species live in peace with minimal communicating skills!