Monday, October 8, 2012

Sridevi is back!

Yep she is back and am just going KRAZYY about  this fact from the past one week !
My friends and people at home are going KRAZZY about my over loaded KRAZINESS. :)
Am sure many fans feel the way I am feeling now!

Saw English Vinglish and was mesmerised all over again. Clean bowled by her simplicity and acting, 

stumped by her flawless innocent looks , enthralled by her eyes and beautiful smile

I am planning to take my mother to the movie. Mothers must watch this!
This post is just a random one to share my happiness / excitement on seeing her again on the silver screen !
Love U sridevi

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sridevi all smiles


  1. well, when I was an adolescent I had a crush on Sridevi... I still find her sexy

  2. @Ashwini:
    She is damn sexy even nw :)
    Hope u read my other two articles. M sure U would love to read them- They show how crazy I was about her when I was a kid!

    do watch the movie

  3. I have heard that the movie is wonderful. Yet to catch up!

  4. @ashwini : Yep its a wonderful movie. You gotta read my review to know more :)

  5. Oh the movie was an absolute must watch... Sridevi is brilliant in it..

  6. It was after ages that I went to a theatre and watched a bollywood movie! It is lovely that you loved this movie too! :) Will watch this space more often! Thanks for the visit!



  7. @deepak : Thanks for visiting my blog

    @Rinzu: Ya its a brilliant movie. I already watched it thrice being a passionate fan !
    and I actually write here
    This one is rarely touched :)

  8. She did a good job in the movie..but honestly I did not like this movie much