Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Afshan's 4 laws of desperation"

There are 4 Main laws of desperation which may lead to extreme confusion and may or may not necessarily follow a sequence
1.) your efforts are on but u take things light and hope things will fall in place 😳
2.)You are desperate to achieve something and it runs away from u 😊
3.)you are not desperate enough and try to counter the 2nd law but still it runs away from u coz u r not trying hard 😜
4.)Last and the worst - you are desperately desperate but the thing u wanna achieve runs to some one else !
These are Afshan's 4 laws of desperation which lead to a conclusion that it is tough to actually calculate how much is too much during the times of desperation 😁😃
— feeling enlightened.

[Copied as is from my facebook :) ]

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  1. The perfect dose of humor needed :D
    This is awesome and funny and totally relatable. No.2 and No.1 all the time :P

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    Stay blessed :)